The novel idea of creating a collection of well designed, timeless styles that embraces decorative hand-sewn techniques was the brainchild of Anidene President Daniel Sanchez. He still recalls his first experience with a needle and thread: hand-sewing small fabric rosettes with his paternal grandmother after school. ‘I vividly remember those moments of my childhood. In many ways, spending that special time with her shaped who I am today. It provided me with a creative outlet. It taught me patience. Most importantly, it gave me an appreciation for traditions and those time-honored crafts that are often passed down generation to generation.’

His story is not totally unique. 'I have met so many people around the world that have a shared history. From the handmade batik fabrics of Bali, to the fine embroidery work in South East Asia. Even right here in America I have met scores of women that cherish those memories of sewing at home with mothers, grandmothers, and even-great grandmothers!’

Over the last few years, Daniel and his partners noticed that the onset of technology in fashion was slowly chipping away at handmade crafts and the livelihoods of these skilled artisans. ‘Many of the techniques we use at Anidene are slowly dying. We wanted to create a company that would be a lifeline to these artisans and their work, all while celebrating what is modern about women and fashion today’.

With that humble directive and mission, Anidene was formed.
The debut collection is a love letter to those techniques and childhood memories.

This collectable line was created to be worn. It enhances the garments you already own and love, and is versatile enough to be worn for all the events in your life.
Standout pieces include an opulent beaded coverup (that will marry perfectly with your go-to little black dress), and the intricately beaded scarf-necklaces that can be worn casually with jeans, as a statement necklace in the office, or as a bit of bling for that last minute dinner date.

But this is only the being of our story.  

‘We want our story to go further. We understand that the community of women is the sacred ground of sharing and empowering one another.’ 
Anidene is here to serve that spirit and is proud to provide a platform for women to share their passion while empowering their businesses.